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With over 100 members and counting, The Home Office had dozens of small businesses, social enterprises, and freelancers in need of an in-house food and beverage offering. The installation of our innovative, self-service Foodies MicroMarket in the building’s atrium and the level of customer service we provided exceeded client expectations and perked up the entire building.


The Home Office is a flexible co-working office space for individuals, freelancers and small businesses, based in Tring, Hertfordshire.

One of the main problems the members and staff at The Home Office faced was the location. The building is half a mile from the main shopping area in Tring, forcing many of the members and staff to walk into town to grab lunch or a snack. They decided it was time to find the right supplier to expand their in-house catering offerings for its growing member base.


After spending time researching various catering options, The Home Office was pleased to commission Selecta to build a Foodies MicroMarket to include a range of food and drinks options – from sandwiches and coffee to indulgent sweets and treats. We are constantly updating the product line to accommodate the tastes of The Home Office's members and staff. For example, when many of the members went on a health kick in January, we were quick to respond to their calls for more healthy options, adding salads and healthy snacks to the Foodies offerings. Despite offering a range of fresh products, there has not been any issues with waste. In fact, The Home Office has the opposite problem, with best-selling products often quickly running low due to high demand.

Our Foodies innovative design and self-service element came equipped with fingerprint and smart card technology, giving members self-service access 24/7 which, in turn, complemented The Home Office’s flexible working policy. The Foodies MicroMarket is situated next to an atrium seating area which has created a space where staff can take time out away from their desks to enjoy a relaxing break or lunch. The introduction of the Foodies MicroMarket has also helped to develop The Home Office’s community feel, with individual members and those from different organisations sitting down to lunch together and chatting over snack breaks.


After a successful installation, the relationship between Selecta and The Home Office has only strengthened. We have accommodated every tweak or change to offer them the best experience possible which includes the delivery of a Foodies credit system as a perk for its members. The Home Office wanted to offer several free product credits as part of its packages, and we were more than happy to oblige and developed and delivered tokens that work easily on the self-service machines.

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