Improve your students' and staffs' experience with our wide range of snacks, cold drinks and branded hot drink solutions. 

Meeting student and staff needs

Meeting student and staff needs

We understand that it is crucial for universities to supplement their offer with self-serve coffee and snack vending solutions and can support your college or university in providing the right solutions for your customers.

  • Popular branded coffee offers including Starbucks on the go and Lavazza
  • A variety of snacks and cold drinks featuring the latest innovations and brand name favourites
  • Future proof payment technologies including mobile and e-wallet
  • Hassle-free, fully managed service

Snacks and cold drinks

Our in-depth consumer insight ensures that our ranges can meet your students’ needs. For example – contrary to popular opinion – students are actually very health-conscious. Our data shows that water is the cold drink of choice, outselling the next product by 2:1. Healthier options have also proved to be popular when it comes to snacking.

Our recommended ranges for this sector include:

  • Classic – bringing students familiar brands they know and love, alongside a range of healthier options
  • Discover – the latest snack and cold drink product innovations, designed for the more adventurous snacker

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Student with coffee

More than just coffee

Research by the NUS and Youthsight in 2016 showed that coffee shops and cafes are the most important services for students, even ahead of bars! Our own research showed that hot drinks vending provides students with a convenient option to get their caffeine fix.

Bring them coffee brands that resonate, with fully branded Lavazza offers. You can choose from a variety of blends, including certified alternatives, and enjoy a taste of Italy from eye-catching fully branded vending machines and self serve offers.

Our research also shows that hot chocolate is very popular with students so we have a variety of hot chocolates on offer, including Fairtrade certified hot chocolate.


We’re also committed to helping the environment and supporting you in meeting your sustainability targets offering a range of hot drinks and snacks which are Fairtrade, Utz and Rainforest Alliance certified as well as a low energy usage coffee and vending machines.

Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Utz certified products

Support sustainable farming and ethically sourced products with our Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Utz certified hot drinks and Fairtrade snacks – including top coffee brands like Lavazza. Our sugar is always Fairtrade certified and every cup of tea is Rainforest Alliance certified.

Keeping the planet green

Sustainability is more relevant than ever before and we are focused on a sustainable approach to the way we do business. Some of the ways in which we do this include the provision of energy efficient vending machines, the inclusion of 100% compostable sugar cane cups in our range and fully certified hot drinks offer. 

Payment systems

We're one step ahead

Students are always ahead of the curve, so it’s important to keep up. Our innovative strategies can help promote growth in your university, whilst bringing students the name-brand products they recognise and enjoy.

Cashless technology in education has seen the largest revenue growth out of all of the sectors we work with, which is why all of our machines have contactless and app-based payment options as standard.

Selecta’s latest self-serve solutions are outfitted with touchscreens, cashless card readers, and app-based payment like Apple Pay making the buying process and consumer experience quick and convenient.

Fully Managed Service

Fully Managed Service

As Europe’s leading coffee and vending services company, we can maximise your revenue potential and keep your machines full, clean and working with our Fully Managed Service.

You’ll also automatically enjoy our Elite Care Technical Service – benefits include unlimited call-outs, ongoing preventative maintenance and the provision of technical support whenever you need it.

Our category experts will put together a bespoke product offer based on your requirements, so you can remain focused on the more important things. And as your business grows and changes, so does your vending offer.

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