Make the day work with our broad range of vending and self-serve solutions. Hot drinks, water and snacks all designed to create environments that stimulate engagement and productivity.


The right solution for your business

Whether you need fully managed hot drinks 24 hours a day, impulse vending solutions or premium, fresh milk coffee offers, we are a one-stop-shop for your workplace needs.

  • Premium coffee brands such as Starbucks and Lavazza to keep your employees on site
  • Snacks and cold drink solutions, including a range of healthier options
  • Flexible service options from an all-inclusive, fully managed service through to our Office Coffee Subscription service
  • Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified options to help you meet your CSR targets
  • Sixty years of passion and knowledge delivering a service you can rely on

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Bring branded coffee to your workplace

The number of cups of coffee being drank at work is increasing. Your employees are becoming more clued-up about their favorite beverages than ever before and their enjoyment of high quality coffee on the high street is starting to change their expections within the workplace too.

With brands like Starbucks Lavazza a, your staff won’t have to leave the building to get their fix of premium coffee; our coffee machines for the office have all the expertise of their favorite baristas, just a few metres away from their desk.


Snacks and cold drinks

We all need a pick-me-up from time to time, which is why our cold drinks and snacks vending solutions bring convenient drinks and snacks to your employees without them having to leave the building. As well as the brand names they know and love, we provide the latest snacking products which meet the latest trends, and healthier options to support your health and wellbeing strategy.

Our fully-branded machines also feature cashless and mobile payment technology whilst our Fully Managed Service means you don’t have to worry about restocking and cleaning your machine. 

Coffee workplace

Coffee at the heart of the workplace

Coffee has become so much more than just a drink. Putting coffee at the heart of your workplace keeps your staff feeling motivated and valued. It fuels productivity, drives engagement and creates an area where colleagues can meet, share ideas and inspire each other.

Workplace culture is changing, and as more and more companies recognise their employees’ needs for flexible work spaces, offices now include comfy coffee shop style areas away from the desk, where colleagues can work or chat with a cup of coffee in hand.

And this cup of coffee itself is more important than ever before. 78% of our customers who we surveyed agreed there is a growing trend towards premium coffee in the workplace.


Water coolers

Just 1% dehydration can affect your employees’ performance at work, reducing vigilance and memory. Our cold and sparkling water coolers use the latest advance purification technology to refresh and revitalise your staff, whilst our hot water taps combine both style and function.

All of our water systems are environmentally friendly, connected directly to the mains, reducing waste and eliminating the need for large water bottles.

Invest in innovation

Whether it’s coffee and hot drinks, water or snacks, our vending and self-serve machines help bring the latest technology and trends to your business.

  • Coffee machines with the latest touchscreen technology
  • High quality water filters using the latest advance purification technology
  • Cashless and mobile payment as standard
  • Opportunity to test and trial the latest concept and product innovations

Service options to suit you

We understand that your business needs are unique so we have a variety of service packages designed to meet your requirements alongside a partnership approach to managing your account over the entire life of your contract, providing you with a reliable, hassle-free experience.

If you opt for our Fully Managed Service, you can be safe in the knowledge that our trained staff will make sure your machines are clean, full and working. You’ll also automatically enjoy our Elite Care Technical Service which includes preventative maintenance and breakdown repairs.

Alternatively, if you own vending machines and fill them yourself, you can choose to sign up for our Elite Care Technical Service with full peace of mind that we will carry out all preventative maintenance required and deal with any breakdowns quickly and efficiently.

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