Our sustainability approach

In 2018, Selecta launched our group-wide sustainability approach. Developed in collaboration and consultation with our employees, customers and other key stakeholders, we identified areas of impact that are integral to our business. Four strategic pillars were defined that encompass core topics including; respecting our environment, sourcing and offering responsible products, respecting our community and an creating an enjoyable workplace. Read about our approach in Selecta’s 2019 Sustainability Report.


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We work on continually implementing our sustainability approach across the Selecta Group and have developed several supporting focus projects to achieve impact in each strategic area. For example, the reduction of our environmental footprint or the engagement of our employees. Additionally, bottom-up initiatives are initiated by passionate employees in Selecta’s operating markets, which when successful, are scaled-up across the group. Learn about our 2019 goals and progress.

We will continue to roll-out sustainability initiatives and develop new approaches in 2020 and beyond. Our goal? To make the day work for future generations to come.

Find our 2019 Sustainability report here

Find our 2018 Sustainability report here


Selecta’s sustainability pillars

Respecting our environment

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by contributing to a circular economy and reducing our environmental footprint.

  • Refurbishment
    We refurbish vending machines to reduce our environmental footprint and avoid industrial waste. Our high-quality refurbished machines are deployed across all Selecta countries. 43% of the vending machines that were installed in 2019 are refurbished.

  • Cup recycling and reuse
    We are committed to finding environmentally friendly alternatives for plastic disposables and increasing the recycling rate of our cups. We supply our customers with 1.5 billion cups, of which 51% are paper cups. All our cups are recyclable and every paper cup is either PEFC or FSC certified. We also launched a reusable cup trial in Switzerland, where we manage the full lifecycle from delivering cleaned cups to washing the used cups.

  • Telemetry and route optimization
    Across the group, we service more than 475,000 vending machines. About 20% of these are smart vending machines equipped with telemetry to remotely monitor the machines condition and stock. Telemetry enables us to plan our routes dynamically and simplify the delivery process of products from the warehouse to the machine. In 2019 34% of the routes across the group made use of telemetry. This reduces unnecessary kilometres travelled.

Our responsible products

We are committed to sourcing our raw materials and products responsibly and to stimulate healthier choices through innovative concepts.

  • Responsible procurement and roasting of coffee
    Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters has been active for more than 150 years in selecting, blending and roasting high-quality coffees. This is where our own coffee brands Pelican Rouge and miofino are made. In 2019 we roasted approximately 15,000 tonnes of coffee of which 52% is certified by Fairtrade, Utz or Rainforest Alliance (versus 47% in 2018). We increased the production of certified coffee by 1,716 tonnes. This equals 190 million extra cups of sustainable coffee.

  • Ethical business operation
    Ethical business operations and human rights are key both within our organization and to our suppliers. To ensure our suppliers are committing to more responsible sourcing practices as well as respecting human rights, we have enhanced and renewed our supplier code of conduct.

  • Innovative product offerings
    Our innovative MicroMarkets concepts offer an unattended self-service convenience store at the workplace. This concept offers healthy choices with a wide variety of tasty food and drinks, delivering a fresh experience to the workplace and energizing employees. A total of 150 MicroMarkets are operated across the group, of which 104 were implemented in 2019.

Supporting our community

We are committed to positively impact the countries and communities in which we operate.

  • Selecta Coffee Fund
    Through the Selecta Coffee fund, we contribute to improving the livelihoods of smallholder coffee farmers and their families in Rwanda. In 2019 we provided 42 households with a cow each, giving them a valuable source of protein, additional household income, and fertilizer to increase their coffee yields. We have also supported the construction of a Kindergarten, providing some meals and education in the local language to 168 children in 2019.

  • Community initiatives
    In all Selecta markets, we support the communities in which we are active through a wide range of community projects and initiatives. Activities range from projects to support local food banks to programs aimed at social inclusion for people with a distance to the labour market. A good example of this is our Vagen Inn Program in Sweden, providing job training and employment opportunities for refugees and migrants and in Germany, our partnership with ‘Foodsharing’ ensures expired goods that are still suitable for consumption are collected and passed on to those in need.

An enjoyable workplace

We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable workplace for our employees. At Selecta, our employees are at the centre of our success.

  • Employee engagement
    In 2019, we embarked on our Employee Engagement Program with an employee survey, proudly achieving a response rate of 73%. The survey results are the starting point for discussions, action plans, and teamwork to create an enjoyable workplace that all of our employees are proud to be a part of.

  • Diversity, health and safety
    We are committed to conducting business with the highest standard of ethics and integrity. For example, the Selecta AlertLine was launched in 2019 where violations of our code of conduct, Group policies and standards can be reported confidentially or anonymously, creating open channels of communication that promote a positive working environment.