Schaerer Coffee Art Supersteam

Schaerer Coffee Art Supersteam

Bring the theatre of coffee to your customers with confidence. The Schaerer Coffe Art Superstream has the ability to keep up with your peaks of service without neglecting the quality of milk based drinks.

  • The automatic steam arm provides all the theatre of coffee while assisting staff by preventing milk from being over-heated.
  • Serve faster even at peak times. your staff can also prepare food or take payments thanks to automatic cut-off feature.
  • This is a reliable and popular machine. We've installed over 3,000 machines placed in the UK to date.

Technical and menu information

Dimensions    Menu
Width 420mm Espresso, Double Espresso
Depth 538mm Flat White
Height 668mm Barista made:
Power Single phase (30 amp)         

Americano, White Americano

Daily throughput +300 Cappuccino, Latte
    Mocha, Hot Chocolate




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