Direct to your door

Enjoy great coffee without having to leave the building.

Office Coffee Subscription Service

Even the smallest of spaces deserves great coffee. With our Office Coffee Subscription Service it couldn't be easier to bring great Italian coffee to your business:

  • Enjoy guaranteed Lavazza quality with Lavazza Blue capsules
  • No upfront costs and complimentary welcome packs
  • Free delivery of your coffee capsules, direct to your door
  • Technical cover including all filters

How does it work?

Working with our experienced coffee consultants the first step is to choose the right coffee machine for you business or location.

The Lavagna can serve up to 50 drinks per day and is perfect for the UK serving favourites such as lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolate. And it's really easy to set up as the handy water tank means you don't need a mains water connection.

For those who love espresso, serving up to 10 drinks a day, the Lavis gives you great coffee, served the Italian way, day after day.

Our coffee consultants will then help you choose the right subscription plan, ensuring you have the right amount of coffee, delievered direct to your door just when you need it.