Healthier choice

Our Healthier range makes it easy for your visitors and staff to select a healthy vending option, with tried and tested snacks and cold drinks.

Healthier choice snacks

Healthier cold drinks and snacks

We understand the importance of encouraging healthier living, and with more consumers looking for healthy snack options than ever, it’s important to meet these needs.

Promoting a healthy workplace is becoming commonplace in company culture, which in turn attracts top talent and puts a strong focus on health and wellness in many organisations. This is particularly important for the healthcare sector.

Our Healthier Choice range means your staff and visitors have access to the healthy snacks and drinks they want whilst supporting your wider needs.

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Healthier choice snacks

Healthier snack range

Meeting today’s consumer expectations can be achieved with our Healthier range of snacks, which not only deliver on wellbeing but taste as well.

Our Healthier Choice products are 250kcals or less per pack and their pack size has been considered to help consumers manage their portions.

This snack range includes:

  • Fruit and nuts - a selection or raw nuts and dried fruit products
  • Cereal bars - from fresh, modern brands that consumer can also find in the supermarket
  • Crisps - a variety of crisp options, all in packs of less than 25g
  • Confectionery - sugar-free gum plus a couple of chocolate bars as a treat, but still 250kcal or less.
Healthier choice cold drinks

Healthier cold drinks range

Consumers are becoming more conscious of what they drink, from their hydration levels to the sugar content. They, therefore, want healthier options.

Every drink in our Healthier Choice range has low or no added sugar, and every element under the traffic lights nutritional information coding is either green or amber. This helps give your staff and visitors the confidence they are choosing a healthy option.

Our Healthier choice range of drinks includes:

  • Water - essential for hydration 
  • Fizzy Drinks - diet and sugar-free options from well-known brands
  • Juices - contain natural sugar rather than added sugar


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